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During Ultraformer treatment, low amounts of Micro-Focused Ultrasound energy are delivered into precise skin depths, without damaging the surface of the skin.

The energy heats the targeted areas to 60-70°C, the ideal range to denature collagen and facilitate tissue contraction. This stimulates the body’s regenerative response, increasing collagen production through the dermal, deep dermal and SMAS layers to restore more youthful structure and a toned and tighter appearance to the skin.

The result, over time, is natural looking and long-lasting skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation – without the downtime of surgical treatment.

Three separate cartridges target three critical layers:

  • Upper dermis at 1.5mm
  • Dermis at 2mm
  • Lower dermis at 3mm
  • SMAS at 4.5mm

The degraded collagen in the target areas is heated to coagulative temperatures of 60-70°C, shrinking the tissues and inducing phagocytosis, the process that clears out the redundant cellular debris. This in turn stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibres, regenerating, strengthening and lifting the tissue, and restoring a more youthful support structure to the skin.

Ultraformer is particularly beneficial for hard-to-treat areas of the neck and face that do not respond easily to traditional treatment methods. As the new collagen regenerates and grows, the structure regains its support and fullness, and the skin surface is restored to a more youthful appearance.

Clinical evaluation has demonstrated that one treatment can lead to a noticeable amount of tissue lift over the ensuing three to six months. Patients experience no downtime or major recovery process. Patients having Ultraformer treatment on the eyebrow area experienced eyebrow lifts of up to 6mm, giving the face a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Ultraformer is completely non-invasive. Because the micro-focused ultrasound waves are able to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin structure without damage to the surface of the skin, Ultraformer is able to provide excellent non-surgical skin lifting and tightening.

Ultraformer involves minimal treatment and recovery time, as well as significantly less discomfort than a surgical face-lift. Procedures can be completed in as little as 20-30 minutes.